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    Faster. Stronger. More Powerful. The Canon EOS Mark IV hits all the high notes.



    The world’s largest and most acclaimed lineup of full-frame lenses


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Welcome to The Canon Experience

It doesn’t get any better than Canon. There’s a reason why so many of the world’s leading photographers and filmmakers are fans of Canon. They all know and understand that it’s the glass – the camera lens that is largely responsible for the quality of the image. Canon glass is world class.

New Cameras for 2017!

Canon EOS 77D | Canon EOS M6 | Canon EOS Rebel T7i

Passion Brought YOU Here

There’s no substitute for passion. Sure, it takes talent and a good eye to take stunning pictures. But it goes deeper than that. Talent isn’t going to get you out of bed and nag you and nag until you get the shot. It’s passion. And when you’re passionate about photography, it sure helps to have a camera that is built to view its existence the same way.

New Cameras for 2017!

Canon EOS 77D
Canon EOS M6
Canon EOS Rebel T7i

AND Here we are

As a leading Canon retailer, Vistek is proud to offer our customers the largest, most complete range of Canon’s professional full-frame cameras, including the new 5D Mark IV. Vistek also showcases the most extensive lineup of Canon full-frame lenses. Canon and Vistek represents a successful partnership in offering full-frame perfection.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV gives photographers and videographers everything they’ve been waiting IV.

With its new 30.4 megapixel full-frame sensor and native ISO of 32,000, the Mark IV becomes a new low light superhero, able to capture phenomenal photos, even when its close to being dark. And like every 5D before it, the Mark IV impresses with its video capability, making moviemaking magic with its ability to capture 4K at 24 and 30fps, and 1080p at 60fps.

There’s a lot of other new features both photographers and videographers will learn to love. With improved touchscreen functionality, built-in WiFi, GPS and NFC, and USB 3 the Mark IV is simply easier to work with. As for the ergonomic body that’s a treat to hold, Canon engineers couldn’t have taken long to decide ‘all this technology deserves added protection’, so they encased it inside a weather-resistant sealed shell, making the 5D Mark IV a great partner in nasty environments.

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No one can showcase a larger and more acclaimed lineup of full-frame lenses than Canon. Building a reputation around the world as the ‘best in glass’, Canon lenses are favourites with professional photographers everywhere. EF lenses, specially designed for full-frame cameras, deliver the sharpness and reduced aberration that Canon glass is famous for.

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Why settle for anything less than Canon full-frame? The ability to utilize larger pixels and pack more of them onto a Canon full-frame sensor allows the image-maker to capture better image quality with less noise. Which is partly why Canon full-frame cameras are found in the hands of professional image-makers worldwide. Whether it’s in a studio, in the street, on the top of a mountain or bottom of the sea, chances are it’s a Canon full-frame camera that’s being used to document the planet and capturing the human element.

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Why we Take pictures

When people look at pictures, we want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice, linger over a painting, or watch a movie for the 7th time. Photography is a way of feeling, of sharing, of loving.

Matt Barnes. Rockabilly is in his DNA.

We couldn’t have come up with a more perfect fit to capture Rockabilly Revival than if we custom designed a photographer from scratch. With his proclivity toward pop culture influences, those both oldfangled and fashionable, there was no question Matt is our man. From photographing superstars like Snoop Dogg and Bradley Cooper, to personal heavyweights like Nick Wooster and Lexi Belle, Matt is as easily at home photographing a family picnic, a band of beatniks, and as he will be shooting vintage automobiles with models draped over them. In fact, when Matt heard our plans for Rockabilly Revival, he signed on without a second of hesitation. You can read all about Matt, including the successful campaigns he’s worked on for major corporations at www.thatsthespot.com

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