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Elinchrom ELB 400


Elinchrom celebrates the arrival of their premier adventure light - the much-anticipated ELB 1200 - with an incredible trade-in offer to existing Elinchrom customers.

If you own an Elinchrom Ranger RX / Free Style unit, you’ll want to take advantage of this generous offer.

Even if your unit isn’t working, you can trade it in and get $1200 towards a new ELB 1200 To Go or To Roll set.

Since 1962, Elinchrom has been producing the world’s most portable lighting gear. Fifty-five years later, Elinchrom launches their much-celebrated ELB 1200. This is your chance to own a lighting unit many are already proclaiming as darn near perfect.

Trade-In Process - Details

What Elinchrom products are eligible for trade in?
Any Free Style, Ranger RX, Ranger RX Speed or Ranger RX Speed AS with a minimum of one Ranger A or Ranger S flash head. Sorry, Quadra and ELB 400 products are not part of this program.

My Ranger has gone through a lot over the years, what condition does the gear have to be in?
Don't worry. The units don't have to be functional, but they do need to be complete ie: battery, pack, charger and a minimum of one head.

I own a number of Rangers, is there a limit per customer?
No. There is no limit to the number of Ranger Packs and Heads you can receive credit for. However you cannot combine multiple packs and heads into one trade-in offer and receive up to $1200 credit on a single ELB 1200 purchase. In other words, only one old pack and head can be traded in for credit on the purchase of one new ELB 1200 kit.



Shooting with the Elinchrom ELB 1200

Ever wondered what it felt like to fly? Tristan and his team pulled another crazy stunt in Turkey and turned air into their own playground in a unique photoshoot with the ELB 1200.

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