Profoto Firmware Update

New firmware updates scheduled for release on May 15th

With the launch of Profoto A1X on May 15th Profoto is also launching firmware updates for several of our existing products.
The products receiving new updates are:
  • Profoto A1
  • Profoto A1X
  • Profoto B10
  • Profoto D2
  • Profoto Connect

What´s new?

The common update for all these products is that we are adding more Air channels. Channel 9-20 are added to the previous channels 1-8, which means the total number of channels will go from 8 to 20.
In the scenarios where many photographers are working within the same space, galas, sport events or larger studios the extra number of channels provides a much better possibility for everyone to find a channel that does not interfere with someone else’s flash or trigger.
The A1 update also includes a completely new user interface, initially developed for the A1X. The new interface is designed to make the A1 and A1X even easier to use and enhance the overall user experience.

What is the Profoto plan for 20 channels and other existing products?

During Q3 2019 we are planning to release 20 channels for Pro-10, but other existing Profoto products will stay with channel 1-8. The reason is that they do not have the hardware setup required for adding more channels through a firmware update.

How are end users informed by Profoto?

On May 15 a newsletter blast will be sent to all customers that have registered one or more of the above listed products on My Profoto.

How do I get the new updates?

The new firmware versions will be published May 15th. You need a My Profoto account to download and install the updates. Depending on the product the update process can be different.
For the Profoto A1, A1X and Profoto D2 you need to go to and log in to My Profoto. Once logged in you need to register your product to view and download installation packages for macOS and Windows. Then open the installation file and follow the instructions.
For the Profoto B10 - if you have an iPhone, you can easily install the new update from the Profoto App. If you don't have the app, you can download it here. You can also download the installation packages for macOS and Windows as described for A1, A1X and D2.
For the Profoto Connect you can only install the new update via the Profoto App. If you don't have the app, you can download it here.