• Rental ID: R300538
Rental Details
  • with grid & diffuser
Included in Rental
  • 1 Profoto Softlight Reflector - Silver (26 Degrees)
  • 1 Profoto Honeycomb Grid, 25 Degrees for Softlight Reflector
  • 1 Profoto Diffuser for Softlight Reflector
  • 1 Tenba Car Case - CC22 Designed to Hold Large Circular Reflectors
Product Highlights
  • Ideal for Giving Focused Light & Providing Soft Shadow
  • 52 cm (20.5") Diameter
  • 15 cm (5.9") Depth
  • Silver Reflector
  • Large Reflecting Area
Available in Toronto


The silver-coloured Softlight Reflector gives focused light, while at the same time providing soft shadow definition, thanks to its large reflecting area. It is especially suitable for lighting materials or subjects in which the structure should be emphasized.

Can be equipped with glass deflector, 10° grid and a front diffuser.