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Available in Toronto


Made of steel spring tube combined with unique fabrics, Scrims and Flags are light and strong and cut or soften light with great effects. To achieve the ideal positioning performance of Scrims and Flags, Manfrotto provides a complete Grip Head system. All textiles are also sold separately as spares in case your originals become damaged.

Size: 24" x 36" (60 x 90cm)


Every item is made with care for all details from cutting to sewing of the material to the frame. A special design of the frame allows perfect 90° corners without losing elasticity of the frame.


The unique design of our scrims and flags allows them to be repaired easily. A velcro locking system fixes the cover to the frame while a built in pin maintains the perfect tension in the steel wire. To order spare part covers for scrims and flags add the letter “R” in front of the order code. I.e. RI650K is the spare part cover for the item I650K SILK SCRIM.


A label sewed close the handle will tell you the dimension of the frame in inches and centimetres.