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CF PRO Memory Cards are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the professional and the high-end hobbyist, CF PRO delivers dependable speed and security under the most demanding and severe conditions.

Compact Flash or CF memory card have become the world's most popular removable mass storage device. CompactFlash technology has enhanced the lifestyle of millions of people worldwide. CF memory Cards are designed with flash technology, and do not require a battery to retain data indefinitely. CompactFlash storage products are solid state, meaning they contain no moving parts, and provide users with much greater protection of their data than conventional magnetic disk drives. The products that use Compact Flash Cards include digital cameras, digital music players, desktop computers, handheld PCs (HPCs), personal communicators, Palm PCs, Auto PCs, digital voice recorders and photo printers.

CF cards actually come in two different sizes:
* CF type I - 36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3mm
* CF type II - 36.4 x 42.8 x 5.0mm

The only physical difference is in the thickness of the card. All Canon EOS DSLRs can take both type I and type II cards, but some cameras can only accept type I cards. The thicker cards were originally either high capacity cards or microdrives. Today even high capacity cards are usually type I, but most microdrives are type II.

Key Features

  • 233x PRO CF Card designed to meet the demanding speed and performance requirements of professional photographers-providing speedy capture, viewing, uploading and the transfer of large image files
  • FREE ARCHIVING. 50 images archived for free! Archiving ensures photos remain safe and secure (even if you lose or damage the memory card) for up to 30 years
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY. To ensure peace of mind, Acumem memory cards are backed by a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Detailed Specifications
Capacity 4GB
Transfer Speed Up to 35MB sec
Form Factor 32mm x 24mm x 2.1mm
Security n/a
Operating Temperature -25°C to 85°C
Warranty Lifetime Warranty