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Product Highlights
  • Designed for 60 x 80cm Rotalux Rectabox
  • Combination External Diffuser & Grid
  • Reduces Spread of Light Beam & Gives Sharper Shadows
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The Elinchrom Rotagrid Diffuser is an "eggcrate" grid that attaches to the front of the Rotalux 60 x 80 cm softbox. The Rotagrid is a combination external diffuser and grid that reduces the spread of the light beam and gives you sharper shadows.

Key Features:

  • For Rotalux 60 x 80 cm softbox
  • Combination external diffuser and grid
  • Reduces the spread of light and gives you sharper shadows

Product Specifications


Detailed Specifications
Dimensions 60 x 80 cm (24 x 31.5")