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Included in Rental
  • 1 Aputure Lantern Softbox
  • 1 Aputure Speedring System for Lantern Box
  • 1 Aputure Skirt Set for Lantern Box
Product Highlights
  • 66cm (26") Spherical Lantern Softbox
  • Designed for Bowens Mount Flash Heads
  • 270° Beam Angle
  • Spreads light in all directions
Available in Edmonton and Toronto

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Light Up The Room

Aputure’s Chip‐on‐Board LEDs shine because of their versatility, and ability to create hard or soft light simply by using different lighting modifiers. With the recent release of the Fresnel 2X and the Spotlight Mount, for intensifying and shaping hard light, we decided it was time to introduce an easier way to shape your soft light too.

A Quick Soft Light Solution

The Aputure Lantern is one of our fastest soft light modifiers yet.

This spherical softbox can pop open and be ready to use in mere seconds. As filmmakers, you need to move fast, and your lighting shouldn’t get in your way. With the Lantern will you’ll be able to produce soft even light wherever your shoots may take you.

The Art of Control

To create cinematic depth, you need to be able to control your light, so we wanted to take the spherical lantern design one step further. The Aputure Lantern is one of the only spherical softboxes on the market with a 4‐section fully adjustable light control skirt. By using a hook‐and‐loop design, the removable skirts can attach in any position, to quickly and precisely control your soft light. You can roll the skirt up or down to flag off unwanted light.

Even, Omnidirectional Light

Light up the entire room. By utilizing a 26” spherical design, the Lantern spreads the light from your LED or Studio Stobe in all directions with a 270° beam angle. Now you can fill an entire space with soft, even light with just a single light source.

Ready for Run‐and‐Gun Filmmakers

With its tension‐based quick release design, the Lantern can be set up or broken down in just a few seconds, allowing you to set up fewer lights, faster. Combining that with its durable and portable design makes the Lantern the perfect run‐and‐gun soft light modifier. Throw it in the back of your car and get shooting.

Perfect for Any Bowens Mount Light

With the ability to fit onto any Bowens mount Studio Strobe or LED fixtures, such as our 120d or 300d series lights, the Lantern is the perfect photo or video accessory for casting soft light over a wide area, while still maintaining control.

What's Included

Lantern Softbox
Skirt Set
Carrying Case

Product Specifications


Unfolded Dimensions 650 x 650 x 560 mm (25.5 x 25.5 x 22")
Collapsed Dimensions 180 x 180 x 810 mm (7 x 7 x 32")
Weight 2.76 kg (6.09 lbs)
Diffusion Stops 1-Stop