Microphone Lavalier Clips

Sennheiser MZQ 4E Tie Clip for ME4
$9.99 SAVE $5
  • Works with ME4
In Stock
Sennheiser MZQ 2E Tie Clip for ME2
$11.99 SAVE $8
  • Works with ME2
In Stock
Sony SAD-H44B Single Horizontal Tie Clip for ECM-44 Black
  • Works with ECM44B Lavalier Microphones
Special Order
Sony SADHV1B UWP Series Lavalier Mic Clips (4pcs/Pkg.)
  • Works with UWP Series Microphones
  • Includes 4x Clips
In Stock
Sony Vertical Clip for ECM-77 Microphone SAD-V77B (10 Pack)
  • Works with Sony ECM-77 Microphones
  • Includes 10x Clips
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Shure RK354SB Single Bar Tie Clip For SM93 Mic (2)
  • Works with Shure SM93 Microphone
  • Includes 2x Clips
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