Sennheiser Microphone Lavalier Clips

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Sennheiser ME 2 Mic clip for part 564565 D1, XS and and AVX-SET Wireless lavalier microphone
  • Easy attachment on clothing
  • Sennheiser Me 2 Mic, Part 564564 D1, XS & AVX-SET Compatibility
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Sennheiser MZQ02 Clamp Black
  • Microphone clamp
  • MKE 2-5 / EW G3 series / ME102 / Ear Set 4 Compatibility
  • 4 g (0.14 oz.) Weight
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Sennheiser MZQ 4E Tie Clip for ME4
$11.99 SAVE $3
  • Works with ME4
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