Fujifilm, Olympus, Sachtler Chargers & AC adapters

Fujifilm Canada is a growing and dynamic company whose goal since 1980 has been to gain prominence in the imaging and information industry. Fujifilm is more than a film company. Fujifilm is also the largest supplier of photofinishing equipment (one-hour labs) in Canada.

Fujifilm BC-W126 Battery Charger for NP-W126

Webcode: 261473 • Mfr: 16588937
  • Charger for Fuji NP-W126 Batteries
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Olympus UC-90 Battery Charger for Li-90/92B Batteries (TG-1/2/3/4 & TG-Tracker)

Webcode: 263888 • Mfr: V621036XW000
  • Charger for Li-90/92B Batteries
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Olympus BCN-1 Battery Charger for BLN-1 (E-M5, E-M1, E-P5)

Webcode: 262294 • Mfr: V621035XU000
  • Charger for Olympus BLN-1 Batteries
  • Charges to Full Power in 180 minutes
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Fujifilm AC-9V AC Power Adapter w DC Coupler for NP-W126 (X-Pro and X-T cameras)

Webcode: 278253 • Mfr: 600013492
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  • Adapter with DC Coupler for Fuji NP-W126
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Fujifilm BC-65N Battery Charger for NP-95

Webcode: 254951 • Mfr: 16144468
  • Charger for NP-95 Batteries
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Olympus BCH-1 Battery Charger for BLH-1 (E-M1 Mark II)

Webcode: 411483 • Mfr: V6210380U000
  • Charger for Olympus BLH-1 Battery
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Olympus UC-92 Battery Charger

Webcode: 434409 • Mfr: V6210420W000
  • Charger for LI-92B Li-Ion Battery
  • 800 mA Current
  • 2.5 hr Charge time
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Olympus F-3AC AC Adapter (USB Port Charger)

Webcode: 263886 • Mfr: 202463
  • Charger for Olympus cameras that support USB charging
  • 100-240 VAC Input
  • 5 VDC / 1500 mA Output
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Olympus AC-3 AC Adapter

Webcode: 279138 • Mfr: V622011BU000
  • E-M1 & E-M5 battery grip Compatibility
  • 100-240 VAC Input
  • 9V / 3000 mAh Output
  • 215 g (0.47 lbs) Weight
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Fujifilm BC-85 Battery Charger fo NP-85

Webcode: 281316 • Mfr: 16420343
  • Charger for NP-85 Batteries
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