Batteries & Chargers

Nice camera, but it’s not going to take spectacular shots forever. Eventually you’ll need a new battery or charger. The great thing about battery technology is, it’s always improving. So your next battery will probably be significantly better than the one you have now.

IndiPro Micro-Series 98Wh Li-Ion Gold-Mount Battery and Dual Gold-Mount Battery Charger Kit
  • 14.8 V Output
  • 6800 mAh Capacity
  • 98 Wh
  • Gold Mount
  • D-Tap / USB Type-A Connection
  • Lithium Ion Chemistry
  • Includes battery, dual charger, 4-Pin XLR cable & AC power cable
Special Order
IndiPro Indipro SafeTap Connector to 2.5mm DC Barrel Decim
  • SafeTap to 2.5mm DC Barrel Decimator Connection
  • 71.1 cm (28") Length
  • Protects equipment with patented technology
Special Order
Ikan BP5-SU Sony BP-U Battery Plate For D5/w,D7/w,VK7/I,VL5
  • Sony BP-U Series Battery Compatibility
Special Order
IndiPro Gold-Mount plate for Blackmagic 4K Camera
  • BMD Production Camera 4K Compatibility
  • Barrel Connection
  • 12-16 V Output
  • 51 cm (20") Cable Length
  • Gold Mount
Special Order