Paterson Darkroom

Even in today’s digital age, traditionalists still exist who prefer the look and feel of their own manufactured prints. Hey, who can argue?

Paterson SS4 Universal Tank
  • Fits 2x Rolls of 35mm or 1x Roll of 120/220 Film
In Stock
Paterson Developing Tray (Single) 20X24
  • 61 x 71 cm (24 x 28") Dimensions
  • Plastic Material Construction
  • White Colour
Special Order
Paterson Print Tongs (Set Of Two)
  • Print Tongs
  • Set of 2x tongs
  • Firm grip via textured side
Special Order
Paterson 2000D Enlarger Timer 110v

A budget, mains operated, digital enlarger timer that can be set from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds in 0.1 second increments or from 10 to 99 seconds in one second increments.

Special Order