Lighting Studio

These are the lighting tools that any serious image-maker wouldn’t be without. When a photographer or videographer wants to create a mood using a certain lighting effect, this is the gear they turn to.

Godox Elinchrom Softbox Adapter for AD400Pro

Webcode: 430023 • Mfr: SA08EC
  • Fits Elinchrom Softboxes onto Godox AD400 Pro
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Godox Profoto Softbox Adapter for AD400Pro

Webcode: 430022 • Mfr: SA04PF
  • Fits Profoto Softboxes onto Godox AD400 Pro
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Elinchrom EL-Sync Cord 5 m

Webcode: 111712 • Mfr: 11075
  • Works with Elinchrom Flash Units and Power Packs
  • 5 m (16.4') Length
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Profoto Protective Cap

Webcode: 426483 • Mfr: 100700
  • Profoto B10 Compatibility
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Rosco Fog Fluid Regular. 1 Litre

Webcode: 264515 • Mfr: 200082000034
  • Made for Rosco Fog Machines
  • 1 L (33.8 oz) Volume
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Chimera 2 Pin Conversion Kit Glass Dome

Webcode: 231530 • Mfr: 9965

Emits a broad omni-directional light. 2-pin conversion kit includes 2-pin screw-in adapter plus protective glass dome assembly.

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Speedotron Protective Tube Cover--Plastic

Webcode: 253809 • Mfr: 851465
  • Made for Speedotron 202VF and 206VF Flash Heads
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