Westcott Lighting Studio

These are the lighting tools that any serious image-maker wouldn’t be without. When a photographer or videographer wants to create a mood using a certain lighting effect, this is the gear they turn to.

Westcott 2-Light uLite Umbrella Kit

Webcode: 261189 • Mfr: 406
  • 3200K Colour Temperature
  • 250 Power
  • Kit Includes 2x Lights & 2x Umbrellas
In Stock

Westcott 3-Light uLite Kit

Webcode: 261892 • Mfr: 403-C
  • 100/500Ws Power
  • Kit Includes 3x Lights & 2x Softboxes
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Westcott 2-Light uLite Kit

Webcode: 261893 • Mfr: 404-C
  • 500Ws Power
  • Kit Includes 2x Bulbs & 2x Softboxes
Special Order