Lastolite, Lowel Hand held reflectors

Lastolite Limited is a leading manufacturer of products to the Imaging Industry. Established over 20 years ago, the Lastolite name is a brand recognized throughout the world, especially by photographers who got to Lastolite by their first for our original product, the collapsible Reflector.

Lastolite TriGrip Silver/White 75cm
  • Allows Accurate Positioning of Reflector with One Hand
  • 75 cm (29.5") Diameter
  • Silver/White Colour
  • 1/3 of Original Size Collapsible
Special Order
Lastolite Trigrip Difflector 75cm, Soft Silver
  • Can be used as a Diffuser & Bounce Reflector
  • 75 cm (29.5") Diameter
  • 1/3 of its original size Collapsible
  • Hold the reflector with just one hand
Special Order