Kino Flo, Lowel, Profoto Lighting Reflectors

Reflectors are used to reflect both natural and manufactured light, and come in an endless array of sizes, shapes and colours. Large and small. Round, rectangular and triangular. White, gold and silver, and more.

Profoto HardBox Lightbox
  • All Profoto Light Heads Compatibility
  • Eliminates Stray Light & Reduces Size of Light Source
  • 24 x 31 cm (9.4 x 12") Dimensions
  • 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs) Weight
  • Works with Optional Barndoors & Adapter
Special Order
Profoto TeleZoom Reflector
  • Profoto Flash Head Compatibility
  • Similar in Lighting Quality to Standard Zoom Reflector
  • Narrower Beam Spread
  • Allows Further Throw of Light Output
Special Order