Chimera, Elinchrom, Lowel Product Photography

Eliminate harsh shadows. Manage the light more effectively. Here are the tools that will allow you to capture a product – whether it’s a box of crayons or a diamond ring - in its most flattering light.

Orangemonkie FOLDIO 2 PLUS - Portable Lighting Studio
$94.99 SAVE $15
  • 38 x 38 cm (15 x 15") Portable Photo Studio
  • Black and White Backgrounds Included
  • Dimmable Triple LED Lighting System
  • Foldable Design
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Orangemonkie Halo Bar Lighting Accessory For Foldable LED Photo Studio FOLDIO3
$39.99 SAVE $10
  • Designed for Foldable LED Photo Studio FOLDIO3
  • Accessory Helps You Create Atmosphere
  • 63.5 cm (25") Size
  • Digital Camera Compatibility
  • Foldable Design
In Stock