Elinchrom Snoot Grid Set 3
  • Dedicated to Elinchrom Snoot Reflector & Grid
  • Three Additional Grids to Refine Quality of Light
  • Narrow Beam Angle
  • Produce Harder Quality of Light
Special Order
Profoto Snoot for 900649
  • Designed for use with Profoto Grid Holder
  • Locked in place by Filter Holder
  • Essential Accessories for any lighting system
  • Use of Snoot results in small circle of light
Special Order
Elinchrom Snoot Reflector & Grid
  • Fits Any Elinchrom Flash Head
  • Narrows Spread of Light from the Flash Head
  • Provides Narrow Circle of Light for Controlled Accenting
  • Useful in Light Control on Small Areas of the Subject
On Order