Chimera Speed Rings

CHIMERA® is the premier designer and manufacturer of quality lighting products for film, video, and still photography.

Chimera Elinchrom EL Speed Ring Strobe
  • Allows Mounting on any Elinchrom Flash Head
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Chimera Speed Ring On Camera Flash Canon Speedlite 540 EZ

This Dedicated Speed Rings is designed for Canon on-camera hot shoe mounting flashes 540EZ and 550EX.

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Chimera Speedotron 102 Speed Ring

Allows you to work with single or multiple sources within a Lightbank, which enables you to change the intensity of your source instantly.

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Chimera Speed Ring Strobe Profoto HMI Metal

Allows you to quickly and easily connect a Chimera Lightbank to a Profoto HMI 575 & 1200 fixture.

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Chimera Profoto Quick Release Speed Ring Strobe
  • Allows the Release of Lightbank Pole Tension Easily
  • Ideal for Quick Folding of Lightbanks
  • Quick Set-up & Takedown of Lightbanks Becomes Easy
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Chimera Insert - Profoto #2330
  • Chimera Profoto Speed Ring Compatibility
  • Mounts similar to Zoom Reflector
  • Aluminum Material
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Chimera Photogenic AE10/AA12/Pl06
  • Fits Chimera lightbank
  • 4 Strobe w/ ring & quartz bank Connection
  • Aluminum Material Construction
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Chimera Profoto Octaplus Speed Ring Strobe
  • Allows Mounting to a Profoto Flash Head
  • Aluminum Material Construction
  • Heat Resistant & Heavy Duty
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Chimera Speed Ring Elinchrom Quadra-S on Camera Flash
  • Designed for Elinchrom Ranger
  • 16 cm (6.2") Diameter
  • Circle Shape
  • Allows Attaching Chimera Light Bank to Quadra S Flash Head
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