Illumi, Lowel Umbrellas

Lighting is good. But you don’t want too much of a good thing. An umbrella diffuses light. So instead of letting light directly fall on the subject, the umbrella bounces light. The result is a clearer image with softer shadows, or no shadows at all.

Illumi 45" Umbrella - White with Black Removable Cover
$54.99 SAVE $15
  • White Interior
  • 114 cm (45") Diameter
  • Provides Unique Combination of Light
  • Removable Black Cover
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Demo Condition: EXC
Illumi 28" x 28" Brolly Box with Dual Flash Holder
$34.99 SAVE $65
  • 71 x 71 cm (28 x 28") Softbox
  • Silver Interior
  • Includes dual flash holder
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