Light Shaping Tools

Whether it’s using light manufactured by a flash unit or using natural sunlight to your advantage, softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors are invaluable lighting tools, for on location or in-studio.

Profoto Softgrid RFi 4x6' 50 Degrees

Webcode: 271520 • Mfr: 254624
  • Designed for Octa Softbox
  • Controls Spill Light
  • 50° Grid
  • 120 x 180 cm (47 x 71") Dimensions
  • Synthetic Material
  • Quick Hook & Loop Setup
  • Lightweight & Collapsible
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Elinchrom Grid 18cm 12 Deg

Webcode: 411879 • Mfr: 26102
  • Designed for RQ Grid Reflector / Grid Reflector 18 cm (7")
  • Limits the Light Spread & Offers Sharper Shadows
  • 12 Degrees Grid
  • Essential Accessories for any Lighting System
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Lastolite 50cm Reflector Silver/White

Webcode: 171595 • Mfr: LL LR2031

Durable, lightweight, compact and collapsible. They won't take up much room in your kit yet they spring into action with the flip of a wrist. Available in five colour combinations and six sizes.

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Lastolite XpoBalance

Webcode: 221898 • Mfr: LL LR1558

The perfect location tool which can be used pre-capture to white balance your camera or to set your exposure more accurately and in post-capture for colour correction and bracketing.

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Chimera Speed Ring Elinchrom Quadra-S on Camera Flash

Webcode: 251941 • Mfr: 2815
  • Designed for Elinchrom Ranger
  • 16 cm (6.2") Diameter
  • Circle Shape
  • Allows Attaching Chimera Light Bank to Quadra S Flash Head
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Elinchrom Rotalux Speedring for Hensel EH

Webcode: 423935 • Mfr: 26544
  • Add to Hensel to Create Softbox
  • Fits Hensel EH Mount Units
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Westcott Switch Insert (Hensel Expert)

Webcode: 425192 • Mfr: 2534
  • Fits Rapid Box Switch onto Hensel Expert Flash Heads
  • Quick & Secure Attachment
  • Durable Metal Construction
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Chimera Speed Ring - Strobe - Balcar

Webcode: 427197 • Mfr: 2040
  • Fits Chimera softboxes onto Balcar lights
  • Polycarbonate/Metal Material Construction
  • Offers 360° Softbox Rotation
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Chimera Speed Ring For Bug Lite 125 To 1600 Quick Release Metal

Webcode: 427471 • Mfr: 9780QR
  • Fits Chimera softboxes onto K5600 Joker Bug/Bug-Lite 125-1600
  • Durable metal Material Construction
  • 4x hinge-locking Pole blocks
  • Offers 360° Softbox Rotation
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Lowel iP-52 Prismatic Glass Only

Webcode: 234066 • Mfr: IP-52
  • Gives An Evenly Dispersed Flood
  • Produces a Uniform Spot
  • Use with iP-19 Front Housing
  • 0.028 kg (0.06 lbs) Weight
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