Light Shaping Tools

Whether it’s using light manufactured by a flash unit or using natural sunlight to your advantage, softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors are invaluable lighting tools, for on location or in-studio.

Chimera Video Pro Strip Medium 14x56" Plus with 3 Screens

Webcode: 220369 • Mfr: 8165

The Video Pro Plus Strip Softbox is designed for use with a hot light or strobe. With fabric intended for the heat of a continuous light up to 1000 Watts, the Plus Strip comes standard with a silver interior and a recessed, removable front face, which pro

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Chimera Lighbank - Video Pro Plus Shallow Small Bank w/3 Screens

Webcode: 224377 • Mfr: 8025

Great for softening bare bulb or open-faced instruments and Par lights of up to 1200 watts. Shallow Banks provide the unique ability to fit into smaller spaces allowing you to shoot with great diffused light in places you never thought possible.

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Chimera Lightbank - Video Pro Plus Shallow Large w/3 Screens

Webcode: 224379 • Mfr: 8045

Designed for use with a broad light with a wide throw. Rated for up to 1000 Watts

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Chimera Light Kit 24 x 32 - 1000W 120V

Webcode: 233642 • Mfr: 8005

This CHIMERA lighting kit comes ready to go. Perfect as a starter or as an addition to your existing lighting gear setup.

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Chimera Baffle Internal - Video Pro and Daylight Jr. LH XS - 1/8 Grid

Webcode: 410702 • Mfr: 4318

1/8 Grid Cloth Diffusion Inner Baffle (-0.3 stops)

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Elinchrom Hooder Diffuser for Rotalux Squarebox 70 cm x 70 cm (27" x 27")

Webcode: 243070 • Mfr: 26322
  • Designed for Rotalux Square Softbox
  • 70 x 70 cm (27.5 x 27.5") Rotalux Squarebox
  • Helps Control Light Scatter & Prevent Lens Flare
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Chimera Lightbank LED for IKAN ID1000 and 1024

Webcode: 277290 • Mfr: 1459

3 Front Screen Options, light weight & collapsible, easy to use, store and transport. Includes carrying bag with shoulder strap.

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Westcott Flex Cine Softbox Egg Crate Grid (2' x 2')

Webcode: 427663 • Mfr: 7618
  • Cine Frame Compatibility
  • Flex Cine Softbox Attachable
  • Durable lightweight construction
  • 0.3 kg (0.7 lbs)) Weight
  • 71.1 x 71.1 x 5.1 cm (28 x 28 x 2") Dimensions
  • Nylon Material Construction
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Lowel 2-Way Barndoor

Webcode: 125476 • Mfr: IP-25
  • Designed for Pro & I-Lights
  • Consists of a Barndoor Frame
  • Accepts Swing-in Accessories & Leaves
  • 360° Rotation
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