Arri Lighting Studio Video Lighting

A great shoot requires proper planning. A major part of every plan revolves around the lighting. Getting the lighting right is numero uno with every image-maker.

Arri Lighting 575w Compact Fresnel Light

Part of Arri's True Blue series, the D5 HMI 575W Fresnel Head stays true to its Arri roots with its compact size, while reducing weight and maximizing light output.

Special Order
Arri Lighting Heavy Duty Case with wheels (40½x20½x13½")
  • Fits Various Arri LIghting Cases
  • Heavy-Duty Wheeled Case
  • Plastic and Aluminum Material Construction
  • 102 x 48 x 34 cm (40 x 19 x 13.5") Interior
Special Order
Arri Lighting 1200W Single Ended HMI Lamp

Single-ended 1200w HMI lamp for use with the Compact HMI 575W.

Special Order
Arri Lighting Softbank D4 Kit with Wheels

The Arri Softbank D4 Four-Light Kit was designed with modern, light-sensitive digital media in mind, so you can accomplish more than you might think with the 1250 total watts in this package.Includes two Fresnel 150s, a Fresnel 300 and a Fresnel 650.

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