Arri Lighting Studio Video Lighting

A great shoot requires proper planning. A major part of every plan revolves around the lighting. Getting the lighting right is numero uno with every image-maker.

Arri Lighting 4-Leaf Barndoor for S60
  • LED SkyPanel S60 Compatibility
  • 4x Leaf Design
  • Controls light spill
  • Lightweight & rugged
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Arri Lighting 4-Leaf Barndoor for S30

The 4-leaf barndoor for the S30 allows for control of light spill and narrowing of the beam angle. Additional small flaps protect against light leak between the lamphead and the barndoors.

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Arri Lighting 800W Single Ended HMI Lamp
  • Made for Arri M8 System
  • 800 Watts
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Arri Lighting Eight Leaf Barndoor - 168mm

This is an 8 leaf barndoor set for the Arri 650W Fresnel. Barndoors narrow the beam spread of a light fixture. They help create a 3-dimensional look to a lighting scheme by placing light in a specific area, or by keeping it away.

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Arri Lighting 1200W Single Ended HMI Lamp

Single-ended 1200w HMI lamp for use with the Compact HMI 575W.

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