Flash Accessories

Godox 95cm Octa Softbox w/Grid, Bowen Mounting & Carrying Case
  • 95 cm (37.4”) Deep Octabox
  • Bowens Mount
  • Removable Inner and Outer Diffusers
  • Includes Softbox, Grid, Speedring & Carrying Bag
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Godox Octa Softbox w/ Grid for AD200 & AD360 II
  • Godox AD200 & AD360 II Compatibility
  • 48 cm (18.9") Octabox
  • Kit Includes Octa Softbox, Grid, Diffusion Cloth & Aluminum Sheet
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Godox Beauty Dish Reflector, Bowens Mounting, 55cm White (No Honeycomb)
  • 55 cm (21.6") Diameter
  • Bowens Mount
  • Softens light & maintains contrast detail
  • White Interior
  • Includes Diffuser Sock
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MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Starter Kit
  • 61 cm (24") Magnetic Octabox
  • Removable Front Diffuser
  • Speedlite/Strobe & Gel Compatibility
  • Obstruction-Free Design
  • Dual Speedlite Speedring
  • Universal Cold Shoe Compatible Handle
  • Kit includes MagBox 24 Octa, MagRing & MagShoe
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Nikon AS-21 Speedlight Stand for SB-900/910
  • Speedlight Stand for Nikon SB-900/910
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Nikon SW-13H Diffusion Dome for SB-900/SB-910
  • Nikon SB-900/SB-910 Compatibility
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Nikon SG-31R Panel For Built-In Flash
  • Panel for Nikon D200/70/70S
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Nikon SJ-4 Colour Filter Set for SB-700

These coloured gels are used to add dramatic colour to a scene. For use with the Nikon SB-700 speedlight.

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Nikon SZ-2 Colour Filter Holder for SB-900
  • Designed for SB-900 Speedlight
  • Spare or Replacement Part
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Nikon AS-20 Speedlite Stand for R1C1, R1, SBR-200

The AS-20 functions as a Speedlight stand for the SB-R200 Speedlight when it is not used with the SX-1 Attachment Ring.

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