Camera Mounted Flash

If your camera isn’t equipped with built-in flash, or even if it is, a flash unit that fits onto your camera’s hot-shoe is a useful lighting tool. In fact, in the capable hands of an experienced photographer, an on-camera flash can deliver incredible (almost studio quality) results.

Godox Grid for Parabolic Softbox, 90cm

Webcode: 421540 • Mfr: f/P90L/P90H
  • Designed for 90cm Parabolic Softbox
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Godox Grid for 120cm Parabolic Softbox

Webcode: 421541 • Mfr: f/P120L/P120H
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  • Designed for 120cm Parabolic Softbox
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MagMod MagMask Pattern 1

Webcode: 430318 • Mfr: MMMASKPA01
  • MagMod MagBeam Compatibility
  • Project light through MagMask to create patterns
  • Collapsible Design
  • Stainless steel Material Construction
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Panasonic DMWFL580L Wireless External Flash

Webcode: 275554 • Mfr: DMWFL580L
  • Up to 1/20,000 Sec. Flash Duration
  • 175 Full Power Flashes
  • 1.7s Recycle Time
  • Wireless Capabilities
  • 190' at ISO 100 Guide Number
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Gary Fong Inverted Dome (Replacement)

Webcode: 227081 • Mfr: INVDOM
  • Replacement Inverted Dome for Lightsphere
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Godox 5M Power Cable for Godox Flash New Style Plug

Webcode: 271724 • Mfr: AD-S14
  • Godox Flash Power Cable
  • Connects Power Supply to Speedlite
  • 5m (16.4') Length
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Godox Battery Cable for Sony

Webcode: 430399 • Mfr: Sx
  • Sony speedlite to Godox PROPAC battery pack Cable
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Lastolite Ezybox Quad Kit with 45cm (18") Ezybox Studio Softbox

Webcode: 254308 • Mfr: 2545
  • Lastolite Ezybox Quad Kit
  • 45 x 45 cm (18 x 18") Softbox
  • Kit Includes Softbox & Flashgun Bracket
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Godox Multifunctional Clip

Webcode: 279088 • Mfr: Q
  • Clip for Battery Packs and Other Accessories
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Godox Charger With Power Cord

Webcode: 276336 • Mfr: VC-18
  • Charger for Godox VB-18 Batteries
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