Sony Action Camera Accessories

Sony's philosophy is based upon building high-performance, easy-to-use and beautiful products with a distinctive Sony flair. From professional video camcorders to stylish point and shoot cameras, their lines are focused on the photographers and videographers lifestyle, functionality and usability.

Sony Handlebar mount - for Action Cam-FDR-X1000, HDR-AS200, AS300, AS50, AZ1; Action Cam Mini HDR-A

Webcode: 425445 • Mfr: VCTHM2
  • Made for FDR-X1000, HDR-AS200, AS300, AS50, AZ1
  • Easily Adjust Pan, Tilt & Roll Angles
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Sony MPK-HSR1 Water Housing for DSC-RX0

Webcode: 418822 • Mfr: MPKHSR1
  • Designed for Sony DSC-RX0
  • Aluminum Alloy Material Construction
  • Waterproof Up to 100m
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Sony CPT-R1 Cable Protector for DSC-RX0

Webcode: 418821 • Mfr: CPTR1
  • Made for Sony DSC-RX0
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Sony VF-SPR1 Spare Lens Protector for DSC-RX0

Webcode: 418819 • Mfr: VFSPR1
  • Designed for Sony DSC-RX0
  • Protects Lens from Damage
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Sony VFA-305R1 Filter Accessory Kit for DSC-RX0

Webcode: 418818 • Mfr: VFA305R1
  • Fits 30.5mm Filters on Sony DSC-RX0
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Sony AKA-MCP1 Multicoat Protector for Action Cam

Webcode: 409211 • Mfr: AKAMCP1
2 reviews
  • Designed for Sony Action Cam
  • Protects Lens from Damage
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Sony AKA-MVA Motor Vibration Absorber

Webcode: 409210 • Mfr: AKAMVA
  • Made for Sony FDR-X3000 & HDR-AS300
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Sony BLTUHM1 Head Mount for ActionCAM

Webcode: 278207 • Mfr: BLTUHM1
1 review
  • Made for Sony ActionCAM
  • Nylon Material Construction
  • Kit includes Headband, Belt, Stabilizer & 4x Anchor
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Sony VCTAMP1 MonoPod

Webcode: 277750 • Mfr: VCTAMP1
5 reviews
  • 4kg (8.8 lbs) Max. Load Capacity
  • 913 mm (35.9") Max. Height
  • 302 mm (11.9") Min. Height
  • 200 g (0.44 lbs) Weight
  • Aluminum Material Construction
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