Zacuto Camera Stabilizer & Gimbals

One of the most exciting innovations of the past few years in the video/cinema/ production arena has been the introduction of the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, a device that allows for fluid camera motion and subject tracking throughout the shot.

Zacuto VCT Arri M6 Rosette
  • VCT Universal Baseplate Compatibility
  • Screws into front of VCT Universal baseplate
  • Allows room between baseplate & tripod head
Special Order
Zacuto Top Handle Extension
  • Top Handle / Recoil Handle Compatibility
  • Mount audio device via GH5, A7/A9 cage
Special Order
Zacuto ZipGear Universal (any lens)
  • Universal Lens Compatibility
Special Order
Zacuto QR Riser
  • DSLR Compatibility
  • Provides quick release for camera
  • Includes Gorilla Plate V2 and Gorilla Tripod Dock
  • Raises camera
Special Order
Zacuto Sony FS7 Spacer
  • FS7 / FS7 II Compatibility
  • Ideal for use with VCT or VCT Pro
  • Alleviates the gap between camera & baseplate
Special Order
Zacuto Sony F5/55 Top Plate Cable Guard
  • Sony F5/55 top plate Compatibility
  • Stabilizes plug
  • Protects cable
Special Order
Zacuto VCT Pro Dock
  • VCT Pro Top Plate Compatibility
  • Quickly releases camera from VCT Pro Baseplate
  • Secure camera via Mini Ratcheting Lever
Special Order
Zacuto Axis Micro
  • Rosette Mounted EVFs / Small Monitor Compatibility
  • Adds wider range of adjustment
Special Order
Zacuto Canon C500 Mark II Top Plate
  • Canon C500 Mark II Compatibility
  • Multiple ¼ 20 & ⅜ 16 Connections
  • Built in Z-Rail
Special Order
Zacuto Canon C300 Mark II Helmet
  • Canon C300 Mark II Compatibility
  • Attaches to camera via 4 screws
  • 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Mounting screw holes
  • Spots on helmet accommodate mic holder
Special Order