Teris, Zacuto Stabilizers, Gimbals & Sliders

Camera support systems are arguably the most exciting innovations that have taken place in the video/cinema/ production arena. They are devices that allow for fluid camera motion and subject tracking throughout the shot.

Teris Ronin-S Kit w/ Teris TS50AL Fluid Head & Tripod Kit w/JQ40 Carbon Fiber Mini Jib and Remote Ctrl
  • DJI Ronin-S Kit Designed for DSLR / Mirrorless Camera
  • -95° to +185° Tilt Angle Range
  • 360° Roll Angle Range
  • 360° Pan Angle Range
  • 12 hr Battery Life
  • Kit includes DJI Ronin-S, Teris TS50AL fluid head & tripod, JQ40 CF mini jib & remote
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Zacuto Canon C300 Mark II EVF Recoil
$1,149.99 SAVE $660
  • Canon C300 Mark II Camera Compatibility
  • Large Camera Size
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Teris Controller for RoninS
  • Ronin S Compatibility
  • 4 m (14') Jib length
  • Gimbal & camera Attachment via kit adapter
  • Gimbal acts both as Pan/Tilt head & camera stabilizer
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Zacuto LP-E6 to D-Tap Cable
  • Provides Power to Devices that Accept LP-E6 Batteries
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Zacuto C300 Mark II EVF Recoil with Dual Trigger Grips
  • Canon C300 Mark II camera Compatibility
  • Designed for optimal balance and comfort
  • 360° Rotation Canon Dual Trigger grip
  • Two Handles rotate independently
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