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Ikan is an award-winning designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional video, film, and broadcast production equipment. IKan is known for their innovative, versatile, durable and affordable products.

Lilliput 7" HDMI IPS LED Backlight 1024 x600 Field Monitor Metal Shell Color/RGB Histogram, Waveform
$189.99 SAVE $200
  • 7" IPS Field Monitor
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 400 cd/m2 Brightness
  • HDMI/YPbPr Input
  • HDMI Output
  • SD Card Storage
  • Kit Includes Sun Shade, LP-E6 Type/F-970-Type Battery Plate & Accessories
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Ikan DS1 Beholder Gimbal for Select DSLRs
$389.99 SAVE $570

3-axis stabilizer achieves smooth, stable footage. Brushless gimbal motors to stabilize movement on tilt-and-roll axes and provide incredibly smooth image capture while shooting handheld, while walking, or in any situation in which the camera is moving.

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Ikan V8000HDMI 8" HD 16x9 LCD Monitor w/HDMI Input
$169.99 SAVE $530

The Ikan V-8000HDMI is an 8" LCD monitor designed for high definition video monitoring, providing ample resolution to determine focus in both 1080i or 720p modes

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Ikan Monitor Inversion Bracket
$29.99 SAVE $70

The monitor inversion bracket can be used for inverting an on-camera monitor when using camera attachments such as 35mm adapters. You can also use the bracket for under-slinging a monitor.

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