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Mevo Start Live Streaming Camera
  • 2.07 MP Sony 1080p sensor
  • 1080p encoding in HEVC or H.264
  • 30fps Frame Rate
  • f2.8, 3.6mm EFL Low-Distortion Lens
  • Up to 6 hrs Battery Life
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Mevo Case
$64.99 SAVE $15
  • Designed for Mevo Camera & Accessories
  • Durable Outer Shell
  • Attached Carrying Handle
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Bright Tangerine 114 - 77mm DSLR Threaded-Max Field of View Design
  • Fits 77mm Thread Lens to 114mm Matte Box
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Bright Tangerine Misfit 114mm Clamp Lens Attachment
  • Made for Bright Tangerine Misfit
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Bright Tangerine 4x4" Filter Tray for Misfit
  • Made for Bright Tangerine Misfit
  • Supports 4 x 4" Filters
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