K & M, Konova, Marshall Electronics Video Accessories

For more than 65 years König & Meyer has been a leading global manufacturer of music stands. microphone and instrument stands, eventually branching out into the manufacture of lighting stands, along with sound and studio gear.

Marshall Electronics Canon E6 Dual uni battery assembly
  • Canon E6 Battery Compatibility
  • V-LCD56MD / V-LC70MD Monitor Compatibility
  • JST Connection
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Marshall Electronics Base Plate (uni battery mount)
  • V-LCD56MD / V-LCD70MD / V-LCD90MD / M-CT710 / V-LCD71MD Compatibility
  • Replaceable battery mounts
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Sennheiser Slip cover for LSP 500 Pro (White)

The lightweight slip cover is made from white stretch material for an unobtrusive look, so the audience can focus on the actual event and the attention is not drawn on the sound system.

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Marshall Electronics V-Y171X 5/8" Yoke Mount
  • 17" Monitor Compatibility
  • 5/8" Yoke Mount
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