SlingStudio, Varavon, Z CAM Video Accessories

SlingStudio Hub
  • Live Switching, Editing, Recording & Streaming Hub
  • Supports up to 1080p60 Resolution
  • 10x Simultaneous Inputs Up to 1080p30
  • 4x Simultaneous Video Source Monitoring
  • Live Streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & more
  • Wireless Video Source via Smartphone
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SlingStudio CameraLink
  • SlingStudio Hub Compatible Wi-Fi Video Transmitter
  • Up to 1080p60 at 30 Mbps
  • HDMI Type D Input
  • 2-Channel HDMI Embedded Audio
  • 300' Video Transmission Distance
  • Supports Interlaced & Progressive Format
  • Internal Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
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Z CAM eND Module For Z Cam E2 Flagship Series
  • Z Cam E2 Flagship Series Compatibility
  • eND Module
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Z CAM IPMAN Wireless Video TX RX Switchable Streaming Device
  • Works as Wireless HDMI Transmitter or Receiver
  • Up to 4 Camera systems in Mixed Network Support
  • High Fidelity Wireless Video Transmission
  • Wireless Live View on up to 2x mobile devices simultaneously
  • Wireless Camera Control Via APP
  • USB-C/Lan Connectivity to Live Streaming Computer
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Z CAM Time Code adapter for E2 M4 S6 F6 and F8
  • Z Cam E2 Series Camera Compatibility
  • Connects Timecode Generator to camera
  • Enables LTC signal via BNC connector
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SlingStudio Battery
  • 11.1 V Output
  • 6700 mAh Capacity
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SlingStudio USB-C
  • USB Type C Input
  • 2x USB 3.0 Output
  • USB HDD Recording & Playback
  • USB 2.0 Playback Compatibility
  • 254mm (10") Length
  • SlingStudio Compatibility
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Varavon Slider Oil Seal
$6.99 SAVE $15
  • Made for Varavon Sliders
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