Behringer, Sennheiser, Tiffen Video Accessories

BEHRINGER designs and manufactures a full line of professional audio products for musicians and sound engineers.

Sennheiser LBA 500 Replacement Battery
$279.99 SAVE $70
  • Made for Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro System
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Sennheiser LAP 500 Protective cover for LSP 500 Pro
  • Fits Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO
  • Heavy-Duty & Weatherproof Cover
  • Lightweight Nylon Material
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Behringer S16 16X8 I/O Box w/ 16 Remote Controllable MIDAS Preamps, AES50 Networking

I/O Box with 16 Remote-Controllable MIDAS Preamps, 8 Outputs and AES50 Networking featuring KLARK TEKNIK SuperMac Technology

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Behringer X-DANTE High-Performance 32-Channel Audinate Dante Expansion Card for X32

32-channel 48 kHz, bi-directional audio interface for Dante IP networks. High-speed 24-bit signal transmission with sample-accurate synchronization and low latency.

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Behringer X-MADI High-Performance 32-Channel MADI Expansion Card for X32

32-channel, bi-directional audio interface via MADI (AES10). Optical duplex SC-plugs (IEC874-19) to connect with fibre optic MADI devices. Multimode fibre optic cable length of up to 2 km supported.

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Behringer X-ADAT High-Performance 32-Channel ADAT / Wordclock Expansion Card for X32

32-channel ADAT in/out on 8 fiber-optical connectors (TOSLINK). Simultaneous 32-in, 32-out audio streaming. BNC word-clock in/out for external clock synchronization—in/out switchable.

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Behringer X-USB High-Performance 32-Channel USB Expansion Card for X32

Expand your X32 mixer’s recording capability with the 32-channel X-USB audio interface expansion card. Multitrack record live or studio performances straight to your computer via optimized USB 2.0.

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Behringer X32 MOTOR FADER Set of 5 High Performance 100 mm Motor Faders for X32

Fader for X32 Console, 100mm Motorized Fader, Nickel-Silver Alloy Wipers, 300,000 Cycle Lifespan, Nylon Belt & Gear, Mabuchi Motor

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Behringer X32 Fader Knobs Set for X32/X16 (20 pcs.)

Ergonomically designed fader knobs for X32 series, 20 pcs. "drop-in" replacement set.

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