Shape WLB, Tiffen, Zacuto Video Accessories

SHAPE products are designed for both amateur and professional filmmakers seeking camera stabilizers and supports of the highest quality.

Zacuto Canon C300 Mark II EVF Recoil
$1,299.99 SAVE $510
  • Canon C300 Mark II Camera Compatibility
  • Large Camera Size
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Shape WLB SONY A7S II/A7R II/A7 II Shoulder Mount, MatteBox and Follow Focus
$899.99 SAVE $860
  • Sony A7S II/A7R II/A7 II Camera Compatibility
  • Mid Camera Size
  • Kit includes Shoulder Mount, Matte Box & Follow Focus
In Stock
Demo Condition: EXE+
Shape WLB 4 Axis Push Button Arm Revolt
$199.99 SAVE $100
  • 1/4"-20 Mounting Hole
  • Anodized Aluminum Material Construction
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Open Box Condition: G
Shape WLB Wireless Director's Kit w/Handles, V-Mount Battery Plate
$599.99 SAVE $250
  • Includes Body, Cheese Plate, Battery Plate, Handles, Strap & Screws
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Demo Condition: EXC
Shape WLB Single Tele Shape Handle Arri Rosette
$459.99 SAVE $200
  • Compatible with ARRI Rosettes
  • Aluminum Material Construction
  • Rubber Padding Provides Comfort & Better Grip
  • 360° Axis
In Stock
Demo Condition: EXC
Zacuto Tri-Mount
$99.99 SAVE $100
  • 15 mm Rail Mount
In Stock
Zacuto Gorilla Plate V2 Adapter
$9.99 SAVE $19
  • Made for Zacuto Gorilla Plate V2
In Stock
Shape WLB Camera Bag
$219.99 SAVE $30
  • 28 x 51 x 23 cm (11 x 20 x 9") Dimensions
  • 1.4 kg (3 lbs) Weight
  • Resistant Fabric
  • LED Light Zippers Inner Cover Pockets
  • Magnetic Lid Silent Opening
  • 3 Removable Pouches
  • Fully Padded Interior
Open Box
Open Box Condition: VG