Pro Camcorders

You’re one of the lucky ones. You capture footage for a living. You wake up every day and think of different, more dyanmic ways to capture a scene. Naturally, you reach for the best tools available to assist you in your quest.

Insta360 Pro 2 Spherical VR 360 8K Camera w/ Far Sight TINPPR2/B
  • 8K 3D 360° Video & Image Capture
  • 6-Lens 360° Video and Photo Capture
  • Simultaneious Recording & Live-Streaming
  • 300-1000m (984-3281') Transmission Distance
  • 8K 2D Video (7680x7680) at 30 fps HDR
  • 8K 3D Video (7680x6400) at 30 fps
  • Kit includes Pro 2 camera, Farsight transmitter & receiver
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