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Datavideo SE-1200MU 6 Input Switcher + RMC-260 Controller Bundle
  • SD/HD Supported Formats
  • (2x) HDMI & (4x) SDI Video Inputs
  • Colour Bar Pattern Generator
  • (1x) Down Stream Keys
  • (2x) Chroma Keyer
  • (3x) Linear/Luma Keyers
  • (1x) HDMI & (2x) SDI Video Outputs
  • (1x) HDMI & (1x) SDI PGM
  • (1x) HDMI & (1x) SDI Multi-viewer
  • 2CH XLR Analog Audio Inputs
  • 2CH SDI Audio Outputs (PGM)
  • HDMI & SDI Embedded Audio
  • Includes Datavideo RMC-260 Controller
Special Order
Roland Multi-Format Matrix Switcher
  • SD/HD Supported Formats
  • 4x HDMI Type A Video Inputs
  • Test Pattern Generator
  • 1x Composition (Keyer)
  • 4x HDMI Type A Video Outputs
  • 4x HDMI Type A & RCA Pin Type Audio Inputs
  • 4x HDMI Type A, RCA Pin Type & Stereo Mini Type Audio Outputs
Special Order
Datavideo HRS-30 Hand carried HD/SD-SDI Recorder SSD required but not included

The Datavideo HRS-30 is an all-in-one portable recorder with a built in 10.1" monitor that is integrated into a rugged hand-carry case. It can be used as a field recorder, playback system and confidence monitor.

Special Order