Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12x12
  • Compact 6G-SDI Router with Built In Re-Synchronizers on All Inputs
  • SD/HD/UHD/4K Supported Formats
  • 12x 10-Bit SD-SDI, HD-SDI & 6G-SDI SDI Video Inputs
  • 12x 10-Bit SD-SDI, HD-SDI & 6G-SDI SDI Video Outputs
  • Tri-Sync or Black Burst Reference Input
  • 12 Buttons for Local Control of Videohub
  • 6 Buttons & Scroll Wheel for Control of LCD Display or RJ45 Ethernet
  • Via Front Panel LCD or RJ45 Ethernet Router Configuration
  • 1x Input for Controlling Router Crosspoint Switching RS-422 Router Control
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Roland V-4EX 4-Channel Digital Video Mixer with Effects
  • (4x) HDMI Type A (19 Pins) & (Input 1-4), (1x) HD DB-15 Type (Input 4) Video Inputs
  • (4x) BNC Type (Input 1-4) & (1x) S-Video 4-Pin Mini DIN Type (Input 4) Video Inputs
  • (1x) HDMI Type A (19 Pins), (1x) HD DB-15 Type (Input 4) & (1x) BNC Type Video Outputs
  • (1x) HDMI Type A (19 Pins) Preview Video Output
  • (1x) RCA-Pin Type Pair Audio Inputs
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