Datavideo Mixers

Datavideo manufactures broadcast video switchers, Virtual Studio equipment, Audio Mixing and Management products, recorders, pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera), standards converters, camera control interfaces, intercom and tally systems, test and measurement equipment, network streaming products, character generators and interfaces, LCD monitors, power distribution equipment and much more.

Datavideo 6 input HD mobile studio with built-in streaming & recording with 4x HD-SDI and 2x HDMI inputs
  • HD Supported Formats
  • 6x Video Inputs
  • 2x HDMI/4x SDI Inputs
  • Dual Chroma Key
  • DSK Down Stream Key
  • 3x Video Outputs
  • 3x HDMI/2x SDI Video Outputs
  • Multi-view Monitor
  • Built-In Streaming
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Datavideo HS-2200 HD/SDI Mobile Studio w/SE-2000 Switcher, Monitor, Intercom & Case
  • Dual PIP & Built-in Title Creator System That Works with Datavideo CG Systems, PowerPoint & Other Graphics Programmes
  • Built in 8 Channel Intercom/Talkback System (4x Belt Packs Supplied)
  • 17.3" HD LCD Monitor
  • Program & Preview on Multi-View Screen
  • HD/SD Supported Formats
  • (6x) HD-SDI & (2x) HDMI (on CH5 & 6) Video Input
  • (1x) DSKs DSK Support Lumakey & Linear Key
  • (5x) SDI Outputs Assignable; AUX 1-4, PGM, PVW, PGM Clean or Multiview SDI Video Output
  • (1x) HDMI Assignable; PGM or Multi-View HDMI Video Outputs
  • (4x) Balanced XLR Audio Inputs
  • (2x) Balanced XLR Audio Outputs
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Datavideo HS-1600T MKII 4-Channel HD/SD HDBaseT Portable Video Streaming Studio
  • Portable Video Streaming Studio
  • 17.3" 1080p TFT LED Built-In Monitor
  • 1x HDMI & 3x HDBaseT Input
  • HDMI, HDBaseT, Streaming & 2x HDMI Program Output
  • Real-Time H.264 Web Streaming Encoder
  • PiP, Wipe, Mix, Fade & Upstream Keyer
  • Up to 3x Datavideo PTZ Camera Control
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Datavideo 12 input HD-SDI & HDMI hand carried mobile studio w/built-in 17.3" LCD monitor, H.264 streaming enc
  • SD/HD/UHD/4K Supported Formats
  • 12x Video Inputs
  • 4x HDMI/8x SDI Inputs
  • 9x Video Outputs
  • 5x HDMI /4x SDI PGM
  • Program/Preview Multi-viewer
  • Built-In Streaming
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