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Sony's philosophy is based upon building high-performance, easy-to-use and beautiful products with a distinctive Sony flair. From professional video camcorders to stylish point and shoot cameras, their lines are focused on the photographers and videographers lifestyle, functionality and usability.

Sony Anycast Touch Live Content Producer
  • XDCAMTM, MPEG HD Recording Format
  • 1080/59.94i Hz Video Format
  • 2x (Type A) HDMI
  • 20 Hz TO 20kHz Frequency
  • DC 19.5V, 7.5A Power
  • 6.7 kg (14.77 lbs) Weight
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Sony BRBK-HSD2 HD / SD-SDI Output Card for BRC-H900 and BRC-Z330 Robotic PTZ Cameras
  • HD / SD-SDI Output Card
  • BRC-H900 & BRC-Z330 Robotic Camera Compatibility
  • HD or SD Serial Digital Output Switchable
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Sony MCX-500 Multi Camera Live Producer
$2,199 SAVE $550
  • SD/HD Supported Formats
  • (4x) SDI BNC, (2x) HDMI Type A, (2x) NTSC/PAL BNC & (x1) D-Sub Female Shrink 15-Pin Video Inputs
  • 1 M/E & 2 Keyer. (1x) PinP & (1x) Title
  • Luminance Key & Chroma key
  • (x1) HD-SDI PGM BNC, (x1) PGM HDMI Type A, (x1) Multi-View HDMI Type A, & (x1) BNC Video Outputs
  • (x1) HD-SDI PGM BNC & (x1) PGM HDMI Type A PGM
  • (1x) HDMI Type A Multi-viewer
  • Embedded Audio Input SDI/HDMI & XLR/TRS Combo Type Audio Inputs
  • Embedded Audio Output SDI/HDMI, Phono Jack & (x1) Stereo Mini Jack Audio Outputs
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Demo Condition: EXE+
Sony BRBK-IP10 IP Control Card for PTZ BRC-H900 Camera
  • BRC-H900 & BRC-Z330 camera Compatibility
  • RJ-45 Connection
  • 2x HD/SD-SDI Output
  • Operate up to 5 controllers
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