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Sony's philosophy is based upon building high-performance, easy-to-use and beautiful products with a distinctive Sony flair. From professional video camcorders to stylish point and shoot cameras, their lines are focused on the photographers and videographers lifestyle, functionality and usability.

Sony MCX-500 Multi Camera Live Producer
$2,199 SAVE $550
  • SD/HD Supported Formats
  • (4x) SDI BNC, (2x) HDMI Type A, (2x) NTSC/PAL BNC & (x1) D-Sub Female Shrink 15-Pin Video Inputs
  • 1 M/E & 2 Keyer. (1x) PinP & (1x) Title
  • Luminance Key & Chroma key
  • (x1) HD-SDI PGM BNC, (x1) PGM HDMI Type A, (x1) Multi-View HDMI Type A, & (x1) BNC Video Outputs
  • (x1) HD-SDI PGM BNC & (x1) PGM HDMI Type A PGM
  • (1x) HDMI Type A Multi-viewer
  • Embedded Audio Input SDI/HDMI & XLR/TRS Combo Type Audio Inputs
  • Embedded Audio Output SDI/HDMI, Phono Jack & (x1) Stereo Mini Jack Audio Outputs
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