Blackmagic Design, Datavideo Video Editing

Fix it in Post. Easier said than done, because to achieve that, you’ll need an editing solution that allows you to complete your vision, effectively and efficiently.

Datavideo Automated voice-activated video switching solution Kit includes: SE-1200MU, Audio Bridge,Auto Switch
  • HD Supported Formats
  • 6x Video Inputs
  • 2x HDMI/4x SDI Inputs
  • Audio Follow & Master Gain Control Mix Bus
  • 3x Linear/Luma Keyers
  • (LL = Linear, Luma)
  • 2x Chroma Keyers
  • 1x DSKs Down Stream Keys
  • 3x Video Outputs
  • 2x XLR Audio Inputs
  • 2CH Audio Outputs
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