Zacuto Lens Accessories

Chicago based Zacuto is a leading manufacturer of filmmaking Rigs & EVFs for any camera, as well as providing a huge array of filmmaking accessories. Expertly crafted and balanced, Zacuto camera rigs are known for their durability both in-studio and in the field.

Special Order
Special Order
Zacuto C200 Z-Finder Rosette Mount
  • C-200 Z-Finder Compatibility
  • Supports Axis Mini EVF Mount use
Special Order
Zacuto +4 Diopter for Z-Finders
  • Gratical HD EVF Compatibility
  • Coated with anti-fog formula
In Stock
Zacuto Mounting Kit for C300-C500 Z-Finder
  • Canon C300-C500 Z-Finder Compatibility
  • Allows LCD positioning forward & to side
  • Mounting Kit attaches to Z-Rail mount
Special Order
Zacuto Lemo Power & Video Cable, 2 Pin with Power Switch

This handy cable allows you to power the Gratical Eye and send the SDI signal from your camera with the BNC connector.

Special Order
Zacuto Negative 1 Diopter
  • Gratical HD EVF Compatibility
  • Coated with anti-fog formula
Special Order
Zacuto Z-Finder 3.2” Adhesive Frame
  • Select Canon/Nikon/Panasonic cameras Compatibility
  • Available for cameras with 3.2" screen
  • Snaps into the frame with tabs on the side
Special Order
Zacuto FS7 Axis Mini Adapter
  • FS7 & FS7 MI Compatibility
  • Mount FS7/FS7 MII LCD to Axis Mini rosette
Special Order