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Product Highlights
  • Cross Screen Filter
  • 52mm Filter Thread
  • Starburst Effect On pointed light source
  • 6x Ray Star Effect
  • Optical Glass Material Construction
B+W Filters 52mm Cross Screen 6x Glass Screw In Filter B+W Filters 52mm Cross Screen 6x Glass Scr...
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Cross Screen Series

B+W effect attachments make unusual photos possible. Suitable motifs become even more attractive. This results in pictures with a look that stands out positively when it is consciously employed.

Cross screen filters consist of high-quality optical glass into the surface of which fine grating structures are integrated. Depending on the form of grating, light sources or bright reflections shine in a multi-star pattern that surrounds them. It is important that the light sources are bright and dot-shaped. Then the subtly colored star effect forms in very high definition.


The B+W 684 4-ray star effect attachment has a right-angled grid of lines with a square grid pattern. The rays begin at the light source, are very long, and are best effective when they are not vertical and horizontal, but at an oblique angle of about 45°.


The B+W 686 6-ray star grating attachment has a grid of lines running in the directions of the sides of an equilateral triangle. This star grating corresponds to the 4 rays B+W 684 star grating attachment shown earlier, except that 6 rays begin from the light sources that stimulate them instead of 4. Here, too, the radiant effect always begins directly from the light source.


The B+W 688 8-ray star grating creates eight rays. The subject should therefore contain just a few light sources and the background should have large dark areas, so that the rays remain clearly recognizable as stars.

Without Cross Screen filter

With Cross Screen filter 4x

With Cross Screen filter 6x

With Cross Screen filter 8x


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B+W Filters 52mm Cross Screen 6x Glass Screw In Filter

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