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DIMIL background table 180 x 122cm.

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DIMIL background table 180 x 122cm. The front of the acrylic plate is preformed. This is a great advantage for taking front shots without crossbar shadows. The rear can be tilted through 90°. Background table complete.


Background tables for shadow-free photography

Foba background tables, born and bred in the studio, eliminate shadow problems and time-consuming retouching. They have a colour-neutral acrylic plate with special non-reflective matte finish, which ensures uniform transparency for flassh and floo-lighting alike.

All FOBA background table plates are curved — ideal for shots with graduated backgrounds. And with filtered lamps, sophisticated colour graduation effects are child's play.

What's Included

  • 1 DAPLE acrylic plate, 190 x 122cm
  • 1 DIMIE aluminum tube frame, easy to dismantle

(COLRI casters not included)


Questions & Answers

Foba Medium Shooting Table 180 x 122 cm

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