• Webcode: 204047 • Mfr: DPR-96Z
Product Highlights
  • 500/750/1000W Power
  • 120-220/240V AC Power Source
  • Kit includes 3x Lights, 3x Stands & Case
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The combination of a high output DP, with the broad throw Tota and the addition of the quickly set up Rifa-lite equals the DP Core Kit. These Kits vary in the model of Rifa-lite they contain as well as the combination of KS & KS Jr Stands.

The DP is a long time Lowel workhorse. It's a powerful key, backlight or background light. Add an umbrella or diffusion for soft key or fill light, swap to the super-spot reflector for long throws, or customize it with a variety of other accessories. The DP is built for a long multi-use life.

Creating beautiful soft key or fill light doesn't have to be strenuous or time consuming. Compact, lightweight, & self-contained, the Rifa-lite uses a simple design approach as old as the umbrella to achieve its' quick & easy setup and strike capabilities.

Compact, rugged & versatile, the broad throw Tota-light is a Lowel time honored favorite. It can be used with its umbrella or gel-frame & diffusion as a soft key, fill, or backlight. With its adjustable reflectors, it can be a smooth & even background light, or point it toward the ceiling to raise the ambient (base) light level of a room. Tota is also widely used for photographic copy work.

A good higher output kit for combining hard & soft lighting options. 1 1000w max. focusable DP Light, 1 750w broad throw Tota-light, and a 750w max. Rifa softlight. With 3 KS Jr. Stands, light controls & mounting accessories, in a hard case with recessed wheels & pull handle for easier travel. Supplied with lamps.

What's Included

  • 1 DP Light (D2-10)
  • 1 DP Barndoor (D2-20)
  • 1 1000w, 120v lamp (FEL)
  • 1 Rifa-lite 66 (LC-66)
  • 1 750w, 120v lamp (EHF)
  • 1 Tota-light (T1-10)
  • 1 750w, 120v lamp (EMD)
  • 3 KS Jr. Stands (DT-33)
  • 1 Tota Frame (T1-20)
  • 1 DP-brella (D2-25)
  • 1 Lobo (F1-30)
  • 1 Assorted Gels (T1-78)
  • 1 Tota Clamp (T1-30)
  • 1 DP Diffused Glass (D2-50)
  • 2 Tota Shades (T1-21)
  • 1 DP Frame (D2-24)
  • 1 DP Mixed Gels (D2-78)
  • 1 DP/Tota Lampak (DT-61)
  • 1 DP Lampak (D2-61)
  • 1 DP-3 Case (DT-84M)


Product Specifications

DP Lite

Lite Specs

Max. Wattage 1000
Max. Amperage 8.3 at 120v
Socket/Model Lamp 2-pin
Reflector Peened, parabolic
Mount 5/8" (1.59 cm) studs
Cable 16' (4.88 m) No.16/3
Focusing/Beam Control continuously variable
Weight w/16' cable
3.6 lbs. (1.6 kg)
2.8 lbs. (1.3 kg)
Dimensions 8-3/4 x 7 x 8-1/4" (22.2 x 17.8 x 21cm)
Notes Tilting: 170° no-yoke


Lite Specs

Max. Wattage 500
Max. Amperage 4.2 at 120v
Socket/Model Lamp 2 pin
Mount standard 5/8" stand or stud
Cable 4' capt. Cable
Aperture 21 x 21" (53 x 53cm)
Weight 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg) w/ 4' capt. Cable
Dimensions Collapsed Length: 24" (61 cm)
Front Size: 21 x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

Tota Light

Lite Specs

Max. Wattage 750w at 120v, 800w at 220/240
Max. Amperage 6.25 at 120v
Mount studs 5/8" (1.59 cm) or smaller
Cable 16' (4.88 m) No.18/3 wire
Focusing/Beam Control door angle provides vertical beam control
Weight less cable: 1.3 lbs (595 g)
with 16' cable: 2.25 lbs (1.02 kg)
Dimensions closed: 2 x 3 x 11" (5 x 7.6 x 27.9 cm)

Questions & Answers

Lowel DP Core Kit 96 w/ DT-84M Case

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