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Product Highlights
  • Designed for lighting fixtures under 2000 W
  • 23 x 91 cm (9 x 36") Softbox
  • Silver Interior
  • 1.4 stop Reduced Exposure
  • Durable heat-resistant construction
  • Includes lightbank body w/ poles, front screen (full diffusion, 1/2-grid diffusion, 1/4-grid diffusion), inner baffle & storage sack
Chimera Video Pro Strip Small (9x36") Plus with 3 Screens Chimera Video Pro Strip Small (9x36") ...
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The Small Video Pro Plus Strip Softbox is designed for use with a hotlight up to 750 Watts. With fabric intended for the heat of a continuous light, the Video Plus Strip has a silver interior and a long skinny profile. The real genius of the Video Plus Strip is it's design flexibility. The "plus" designation means the front face can be removed. The softbox comes with a 3 diffusers. The 1/2 and 1/4 diffusers allow more light transmission and help to make the light more specular, or "less soft."

The recessed front face provides a narower spread of light than a flush mounted box. It also facilitates the suport for a fabric grid to further control the direction of your soft light. Common applications include but are by no means limited to side lighting or top lighting a person or an object without getting as much wrap around as a conventional rectangular softbox. Also notable is the long skinny catch-light in your subjects eyes or in reflective objects. This softbox can be used with hotlights or studio strobe units.


Key Features

  •  Smallest Strip Size - The Small Video Strip Softbox is just the right size for product or still life aplications, especially useful with glassware or ceramics with a high reflective index. The strip bank will provide thinner, more atractive highlights, revealing more of the product.
  • Recessed Front Face - Provides more directionality and the option of using a grid to further direct your soft light
  • Most Flexible Softbox - Not only can the Video Pro be used with Hotlights or Flash, but it comes with different levels of diffusion screens and the option of shooting with a fabric grid.
  • Removable Front Face - The softbox could be used without a front face, or a diffusion fabric of a lesser strength could be substituted for increased contrast and slightly more overall output.


Questions & Answers

Chimera Video Pro Strip Small (9x36") Plus with 3 Screens

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