• Webcode: 208693 • Mfr: BW405092
Product Highlights
  • Infrared Filter
  • 40.5mm Diameter Thread
  • 20-40 Filter Factor
  • Filters out light below 650 nm
  • Schott Glass Construction
B+W Filters 40.5mm 092 Infrared Filter B+W Filters 40.5mm 092 Infrared Filter
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IR 092

The B+W 092 IR filter 695 looks almost black, but is deep purple-red in front of a light source. It blocks visible light up to 650 nm, and at just below 700 nm it allows 50% to pass through (hence the dark red colour). 

From 730 nm to 2.000 nm the transmittance is very high at over 90%. This allows shots of the pure red and IR image. This IR filter is suitable for most digital cameras.
B+W Infrared Series

B & W offers three filters for infrared photography, each with its' own unique features.


  • This dark red filter is primarily for black and white infrared films
  • It filters out light below 650 nm
  • With colour infrared film it produces pictures of a pure red image while making good use of the relatively low sensitivity of infrared films
  • Filter factor is approx. 20 - 40


  • This black infrared filter will filter out the entire visible spectrum
  • It is used with black and white infrared films with a sensitivity up to 1000nm
  • Filter factor is determined by the film sensitivity


  • This orange coloured filter blocks the blue and blue-green portion of the visible spectrum up to 500 nm
  • It reduces the excessive sensitivity of colour infrared films in this spectral range, separates colours more evenly thereby avoiding a blue tint
  • Filter factor depends upon the film's sensitivity

For extreme contrasts

Digital cameras are normally equipped with a permanent IR-cut filter in front of the image sensor, but the residual IR that is still transmitted can be used for typical infrared photos. The B+W 092 infrared filter 695 and the B+W 093 infrared filter 830 utilize exactly this gap when visible light is blocked.

The image is pre-selected and IR focusing is performed before attaching the filter as checking through the viewfinder or on the LCD is not possible when the IR filter is attached. The result is creative infrared photos with an amazing "Wood effect" (white leaves) and the typical dark sky.

The IR photos are optimized in the image-processing program: increase the contrast automatically or in the histogram; convert a colour image to black and white or "play" with individual colour channels, leaving the red channel at maximum. Infrared photography always has an experimental nature to it.


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B+W Filters 40.5mm 092 Infrared Filter

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