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Plume 2 Meter Jumbrella Translucent Plume 2 Meter Jumbrella Translucent
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JUMBRELLA follows the axiom that "bigger is better". Again, a portable, easily assembled, easily transported design by Gary Regester. Much more than a BIG umbrella, Jumbrella is also a giant graduated ring light, or a 3D silk or the largest Chinese lantern on the block - we have yet to learn all the various ways you can use this new tool.

There are several ways to use this Jumbrella:

1.  As a giant umbrella, position the telescoping boom and light spigot as you wish - either to fill the umbrella with even light or to direct the light only one part or half of the Jumbrella allowing the remaining surface to act as a concave graduating reflector - with your camera position is front of Jumbrella , you have created a giant attenuated ring light on your subject.

2.  Affix a small translucent umbrella to the lighthead on the central boom resulting in hard / soft "single core" lighting. Conversely, aim several light sources into different parts of the black / silver Jumbrella's curving surface for multiple sized soft sources of light.

3.  Retract the central boom and use multiple light sources on extra lightstands to simply increase total light output from a single soft source or to use different types of light sources - say, flash with HMI or tungsten for stop / blur effects from the same source of diffusion.

4.  Exchange the black / silver cover for the TRANSLUCENT cover. The translucent Jumbrella is a very new and unique tool - for the first time, an image maker is able to mimic natural sky cover by lighting an edge of the resulting dome from the outside with a separate light on a separate light stand - a 3D silk!

5.  Invert the translucent Jumbrella into a hemispheric translucent "bowl" or "Chinese lantern" which, when used with an "open faced" light source (HMI, incandescent or flash) will create a soft 360° hemisphere of light. Such light control of this size and shape has never been available before.

All Jumbrellas feature a patented tensioned "tent" frame whose folding spokes hinge back at their mid-point to reduce total travel size to that similar to a golf bag or slightly longer. A carry bag is included.


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Plume 2 Meter Jumbrella Translucent

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